My name is Danielle LaMonica.  I have my Associates degrees in Culinary Arts and Food Service Administration.  I did work in the food service industry for a few years but it is just like it shows on TV – STRESSFUL!  I started working on my own health and realized so many people would tell me that they could easily lose weight too if they could cook like me.  I decided to take my skills in another direction.  I became a certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach.  I am not about diet food I am all about cooking delicious healthy food that you look forward to enjoying!  I love showing people that healthy food does not mean you have to lose flavor.  You CAN be excited about healthy clean meals! I promise!  I would love to work with you to create do-able goals, make delicious meal plans and get your sweat on!  I will be with you every step of the way – Lets get to work!