Honeydew Ice Cubes with a Kiss of mint!

With it being so hot in Chicago this summer I needed a refreshing drink that wasn’t just water!  It took me a long time to even get used to just drinking water but somedays its just plain boring!  I decided to make my water a little bit more fun with these refreshing ice cubes!

It was pretty simple so there isn’t much of an explanation needed but I have some photos just because they even LOOK refreshing!

What you’ll need –

  • 1/2 a honeydew cut into chunks
  • 1/4 cantloupe cut into chunks
  • fresh mint leaves
  • Touch of water for thinning out mixture





Give it at least a full day to freeze up.  Because its more of a puree once you add it to your drink it does start to dissolve a little bit into your water so you may want to add regular ice cubes too if you want it extra chilled.  Its a super pretty – fun – summery drink!