Cake Hot Dogs

Yes, you heard me right! Cake HOT DOGS!

I have a BBQ team and we were in a competition over the weekend and one of the categories was dessert.  We were trying to think outside the box of what we could do as our turn in.  I googled so many ideas and I came across the Cupcake Project blog and found this beauty! Cupcakewurst.  I thought it was absolutely genius!  I messaged my BBQ partner the next morning thinking she would think I was absolutely nuts.  She was all for it!! Soo we got to work…

Cake Dog Batter 1

First things first.  We made some batter!  The original blog post had a very dark cake inside.  Since were in Chicago we are most definitely hot dog snobs and if we were going to go through with this it had to look absolutely real.  We did a red velvet cake filling but instead of dying it red we just use a little big of pink dye and this was the result.  Pretty good huh?

Cake Dog Batter

To fill them up we just used a pastry bag and a large tip and attached it to a hog casing to fill them.  Yes..real hog casings!

sausage casing


filling casing

We cut each casing to maybe about 10 inches so we had a lot of space to work with.  Knotted at the end and filled it up!  It got filled only half way, if not less and made it longer than what you would think since when it cooked it shrunk a bit.  This took a lot of trial and error!

Cake in Casing

Cake dogs ready for the oven

Cake Explosion

Each group does end up having multiple casualties..Make more than what you think!

Finished Cake dogs

The finished result of ones that dont explode! I love how the oil in the cake gives a very nice shine to the cake dogs to really make them look real!  They even have that tight snap of a real hot dog when you bite into it.


For the bun I made a homemade twinkie batter.  It was just 1 box of pound cake mix, 4 egg whites and 2/3 cup of water.  I added the poppy seeds on top to look like a hot dog bun.  Since I didn’t have a hot dog pan I made my own out of foil

Finished buns

Finished twinkie buns!

Drumroll please.  These will blow your mind!

Cake Dog 1 finished cake dog Finished cake dog1

Is that not the coolest thing you’ve ever seen?! A full on dessert cake hot dog!!

The side chips are plantain chips with cinnamon and ginger.

We entered this into a BBQ competition and got 12th out of 13th!!! Shameful!

It really didnt taste bad at all.  Its cake and fruit – no reason for it to have placed so badly.  Those judges don’t know creativity..

I do not regret in any capacity turning this in for competition cause it was so much fun to make and the pictures still blow my mind.  Love it!!!