The cake is a miracle

Hello everyone!!! It’s been forever since I blogged last.  After Foodbuzz disappeared I didn’t know what to do with myself anymore! I missed blogging so much that I had to just come back.  I will find a new blogging community to be a part of in time, but until then I just needed to start posting my foodie creations again!

My family enjoyed a St Patricks dinner early since other weekend plans would have interfered with us getting together.  I felt it was good timing in case anyone was looking for some St Pats dinner ideas.  This post will be about the delicious cake I made, along with the many hiccups I had while making it.  I always say I hate baking, this cake definitely explains why…


While looking at this picture I am sure people are thinking this went so very smoothly and turned out beautifully!  I have fooled you…

First, I looked up recipes strictly using Bailey’s Irish Cream since I already had 3 bottles in the fridge (don’t judge me).  I found a mousse recipe that didn’t require a billion steps.  There’s certain crowds I cook for where I will take the time to make a proper mousse and do all the crazy steps to make something magnificent.  My family…is not one of those crowds (no offense I love you all..) it just wont get  appreciated.  So I went with this recipe Bailey’s Chocolate Mousse.  I made the recipe early in the day so it would have time to set before I made the cake.  In the recipe description it says after cooking the ingredients in a sauce pot to let it cool until soft peaks form.  Well..I was not getting soft peaks.  I started to doubt myself and thought maybe I measured my liquids wrong and added too much.  Thinking that I had a brilliant idea, I heated it back up and added more gelatin.  I was even proud of myself thinking “now don’t add a whole packet, that would be too much! Just add a little”.  As I patted myself on the back I was pleased with my decision.  I added the mixture to the fridge to cool and I went off to have lunch with a friend.

I got home and checked on the mousse.  The bowl was one big glob of what seemed like one giant tough marshmallow.  I had guests coming in just a few hours.  This was not enough time to make a new dessert idea and I didnt want my Baileys mousse to go to waste.  I had the genius idea to add hot water and use a hand mixer until it got smooth again.  This seemed to work!

I started my cake mix which I used this recipe Bailey’s Chocolate Cake

I noticed there wasn’t any baileys in the cake so I did add a small splash of that.  I sure had enough in my fridge to go around anyway!  The cakes turned out beautifully.  I let them cool before adding the mousse to the middle of the two cakes.  I go to scoop out my mousse..and its a giant tough marshmallow again.  I sighed thinking of my brilliant idea earlier to add more gelatin.  I did the hot water and hand mixer trick again.  But this time before I would let it solidify again I decided to put it between the cakes again in hopes that it wont happen again.  This is when I learned that patience is a virtue.  My cakes were sliding around like crazy and I tried to ice them.  I stuck lollipop sticks into the cakes to have them sit still and put it back into the fridge to set.

Finally my cake was ready to frost.  Everything seemed great now.  As usual my favorite icing is the Wiltons Buttercream which I have posted before.  My cake was finally iced and beautiful and nobody has to know about how much of a pain in the butt it was.  Unless they are reading this of course….

Don’t ask me where the mousse went.  Its a mystery.