Guest Post Red White & BBQ 2012

As my followers may know, my friends and I were in a BBQ competition this weekend.  It was our first ever and it was a total blast!  We did not win anything – we got 36 out of 66.  This definitely wasn’t what we had hoped for, but we were going up against seasoned bbq pitmasters in big rigs and smokers bigger than my car!  We learned a lot, met new people and had enough fun to make us want to continue this crazy hobby.  Porknography BBQ summed it up in a top 10 list of what we learned this weekend.  Check out the website for additional tasty pictures!

It seemed like it took FOREVER for this competition to finally come around. All the time spent practicing, and the days of preparation and its done in a flash!

Instead of posting a long drawn out post of every detail of the competition I would make a simple list of what we learned competing for the first time.

What we learned at Red White & BBQ 2012

1. Coming a day ahead of time to set up to save time is sometimes a flawed plan. Thank you Mother Nature

2. If it’s not wrapped in Bacon…It isn’t good enough.

3. Duct tape can be used for anything

4. Westmont hates my ribs, even though its the only ribs i’ve ever eaten an entire rack of

5. Making boxes is the work of the devil. However, while making them It did allow me to take a mental nap.

6. Prep ribs when its not this dark

6. Spot lights are painful

7. Jack has a nice butt, even if it was a bit swampy

8. Get sleep whenever you can

9. Judge #1 does not like BBQ and we would have been better turning in Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs

10. We may not have won, but we had more fun than anyone else out there!



Dont ask :/

Check out Photo Album for additional Photos 🙂