Que Make Me So Very Happy!

Well it’s no longer a secret.

(Was it ever even a secret?)

The BBQ bug has completely buried it’s stinger into me.

I had the opportunity to attend my second BBQ class with my BBQ partner in swine (get it..not crime..swine..i crack myself up).  Today was a little bit different from the last class we took since it was all fish and not all about MEAT!  I found out that I love way more fish than I thought! But this post is not about fish or the class I took today, but instead about how I have found something to be excited about.  I seriously feel like a child knowing that Santa is ready to come.  When I think about this new chapter i’m opening by competing in BBQ I get so giddy and my mind is just swirling with ideas.  I have not been so excited about something since the time I decided I wanted to be a chef, and had that eagerness to learn and absorb everything around me.  Then of course you go through this phase of “I went to school, so I must know stuff!” then you go into the field and realize you know nothing.  This is sort of how I felt when I started working at  Sweet Baby Rays BBQ.  I had already bought a smoker with the intentions of getting into smoking meats but I hadn’t really jumped in yet.  Being surrounded by a cooking technique that you are totally not familiar with intrigued me.  I wanted to now know how to smoke food.  I knew how to do everything else they teach you in culinary school, but they certainly didn’t teach me this.  But what my chef did tell me was to “Never stop learning”, and I haven’t.  Have I made you proud Chef Kramer?

The moment that sort of sparked this fire inside me is I signed up for my second competition today.  Yes, I just created a team and I am already signed up for two competitions, which the intentions of a third one coming along soon.  This competition is strictly for amateurs, which means we have a shot!  Their categories are chicken, ribs and any NON MEAT dish we would like.  That really gets you thinking…BBQ…but..no meat?!  This is the moment I love, the brainstorming! What will ‘wow’ them.  I don’t like to play it safe, I do the opposite.  I try to do things that people claim just wont work.  And that is totally what I will be attempting here.  We will most likely be doing a dessert for this category.  Now..to learn how to bake some cake on a grill!

I know this post didn’t offer any crazy new technique or the next unique dish to serve to your family.  But I really hope you can feel the passion flowing through me right now, and also, please share with me the last thing that got you so excited!  Are you dabbling in a new style of cooking you haven’t ventured into yet?  I hope to hear what keeps you excited about cooking!

Photos from Fireplace & Chimney Authority BBQ Class

Lisle, IL

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