Gone Campin’

I would like to apologize to all of my followers for not posting for a while!  I know there’s probably only a handful of you right now who read this, but I need to hold on to all…three…of you! haha.  Anyhoo, I had family in from Pennsylvania so I went on a mini vacation.  We took them to Navy Pier on Thursday then it was off to Lake Geneva, WI for 3 nights/4 days.   The place we stay is a little camp ground that my family has been going to since my mom was a baby.  It’s not tent and sleeping bags kind of camping but its little wooden cabins that has more screens than walls, does have electricity but does not have running water.  It’s just the right combination of camping and still being a part of civilization.

The cabins are not equipped with anything you can use for cooking.  Its just one open room with some bunkbeds, a table, and some plastic chairs.  This meant we were equipped with a grill (a nice rusty grill we found next to the cabin, that everytime we moved it the legs spread farther – I was pretty sure I would set the camp on fire with this one), a propane double burner, and an electric griddle (we didnt use this much since there were not outlets near the table).  We were excited to see one cabin we had did have a fridge – unfortunately the only thing it knew how to do was freeze things.   We had to shop smart since we were there for a few days and only had a cooler to keep our foods safe.  I did freak out a few people by keeping the eggs out.  Instinct told them “omg they MUST go in the fridge!”  I assured them it would be okay but they still seemed a bit skeptic.  Believe it or not…nobody died when they ate eggs for breakfast.

I liked to keep our meals simple – but still delicious.  We did do basics like brats, hot dogs burgers but I did make some yummy salads, kept cutting up fresh fruit and even had to accommodate a vegetarian diet.  For that I did grilled vegetable sandwiches with port mushrooms, peppers, onions, and mozzarella cheese on Italian rolls – Yum!  Breakfast was my favorite though.  My uncle has always made amazing sausage gravy.  We didn’t have biscuits but a slice of bread did just fine.  I could have just eaten it with a spoon to be honest.  I handled eggs, skillet potatos, bacon and fruit!  The first morning eggs were out though – out wonderful fridge frozen them.

I will confess I did slip and go get some Subway one day.   I had been out shopping and got too hungry to go back to camp, start a grill, wait 30 min, eat.  So I grabbed a sub.  But I did eat it in a cabin in the woods so it sort of counts as “roughin’ it” right?

Next week I will be having yet another camping trip.  This one is “for real” camping though! Tents, sleeping bags, a fire pit, and a stick!  Check back next week to see what I make this time!