Easter Centerpiece – Overcoming Flower Phobia

For those of you just tuning into Piggy Tummy, I work for a catering company in the Chicago suburbs called Sweet Baby Rays & True Cuisine.  In November my position changed at work from Operations Manager to “Operation/Sales Liason”.  Sounds fancy but it’s easier to say than rambling off a list of things that I do.  In doing this it took away a lot of duties from the sale staff as far as the nitty gritty details of how their events and parties are supposed to look.  Instead of sales people going around store to store to buy their decorations I do that.  Instead of the sales being in charge of actually assembling these things, I do that too!  There’s a point to this story I promise, stick with me here.  Anyhoo, the staff has approached  me many times saying they are having a party and they need a centerpiece/wreath/table decorations or whatever they may need – Can you make this for me?  I have done a few creative things here or there but I have never had any proper training or even a remote desire to even care how to do these things.  Party after party I got much better at fulfilling these tasks.  People would praise me and assume this is some closet hobby of mine.  Completely not true…my closet hobby is video games..there..its out.  I’m a chef and video game nerd, and apparently now a florist.  Side story over, getting-to-the-point starting now.

My mom had brought up all of her spring decorations and it was that time of the year for me to find her a centerpiece to freshen up the dining room.  I tend to just surprise her on Easter with one, but I sort of wanted an Easter themed one, and didn’t want her to just have it out for that day.  I decided to use the skills I have learned at work and actually use them in my ‘real’ life.  Crazy concept huh?  I went to Michaels Craft Store..slightly lost on how I even go about starting the project.  I knew she bought a brand new table cloth in yellow and blue so I figured..ok..I can do that!  I looked around at other centerpieces at the store that are pre-made (and looked and the prices and thought pffffft watch me make that cheaper!).  I found my basket, my greenery, assorted flowers and some cutesy Easter things to stuff in there.  I got home and stared at my items wondering if this will look great, or just as sad and pathetic as things I made for her in Kindergarten.  Either way, mom’s have to pretend its the best thing ever right?  So here goes…my first centerpiece….

Taadaaaa! Natural lil’ Martha Stewart I am!  My mom very pleased with her centerpiece, then again she had the same reaction as she did when I was a child and brought a fistful of dandelions.  I am just glad  I got over my phobia of doing floral arrangements.  My mom had a tendency to kill real flowers, so they have to be fake; however fake flowers tend to be far more expensive than real!  Now I can make my own and not spend 70$ on a basket of flowers that aren’t even real!  The sad part is the puppy did chew off the rabbits hat, and the cat chewed the side of the basket…I guess it’s the thought and over coming the fear that counts…right?