Oh hi there strangers! Okay, I guess it would be more fair to call me the stranger.  I have not had a post since Christmas! Pure insanity I say! I have been taking all sorts of pictures of dishes I have made with the absolute intention of posting them – well…didn’t happen!  Because of this you will all be enjoying some themed dishes from past holidays! I justified this by telling myself it’s acceptable since now you can bookmark them for next year – you know, since we all go back to past bookmarks when we remember Piggy Tummy posted the best cupcakes for New Years Eve (in March..) Without further ado let me crack my knuckles and get back to business.

On my Facebook page I announced that I was coming back with a week of cupcakes and a week of BBQ and a big announcement.  That is all true but I decided I may do it a bit out of order and probably scrambled up a bit.  BBQ CUPCAKE WEEK! HOORAY! I did want to do the cupcakes first but a whole bunch of stuff came up that made me so eager to do my announcement first and most likely will do BBQ week here first and maybe throw a cupcake in there for good measure.

My big announcement is….


A friend and I have started our own BBQ competition team!

*crowd goes wild, confetti and balloons fall*

Isn’t she the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!  I think so…  If you have been following me for some time now then you may remember my first BBQ competition last year when I participated with a BBQ team from work – The B Team.  Here are the posts from last year to refresh your memory Red White & BBQ P1 & Red White and BBQ P2.  After that competition I had been talking to a friend of mine about us possibly branching off and doing our own thing.  After a night of hilarious bantering back and fourth she had come up with this phenomenal BBQ name and with the help of the boyfriend our logo was born.  Even though this has been in the works for nearly a year I haven’t had much of a chance to do anything with it.  We didn’t feel we were ready to compete last summer but we have had plenty of time to plan and organize and we are ready to roll!

I was asked to join the B Team again for another run this summer but I requested for us to merge and go as Porknography just so I can have a proper unveiling of the team.  It hasn’t been the most ideal of merges yet but kinks will be worked out in time and my hopes are for an incredibly fun summer.  I will most likely only be attending one professional BBQ competition but I will try to find as many Rookie ones as I can 🙂  Well I just wanted to share that with you all because I’m absolutely thrilled about it!  If people end up wanting some merch and swag that will probably be in the works soon.

To learn some more about Competition BBQ check out a post from a fellow co-worker from Sweet Baby Rays Sweet Baby Rays Blog