Fright Night Feast

If you haven’t realized it yet from reading my past posts, I am an absolute kid at heart.  When Foodbuzz sent out that e-mail we all wait for each month about 24×24 I knew I wanted to do a Halloween theme.  There is something so appealing to me about Halloween.  I will save the word ‘magical’ for Christmas but I will label Halloween as whimsical.  It’s the only day of the year where everything is pretend (or is it?).  We all dress up as something were not, and that is the premise of my meal.  Did I really serve snakes, eyeballs, vomit, and spider guts? No, but I certainly dressed up my meals as just that!

Brain DipFluff, Cream Cheese, Vanilla, Marshmallows. Served with Fruit

Pukin’ PumpkinSmashed Avacados with Salt, Pepper & Garlic. Served with Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

Spider Guts – Spinach and Artichoke dip served in a Spider Boule with Toasted Croistini

Blood Shot Eyes – Classic Deviled Eggs with a makeover

Witches Fingers – Asparagus Spears piped with Boursin Cheese topped with a Craisin

Bloated Snake (Italian) – White bread dough stuffed with Capacola, Salami,White American Cheese,Fresh Mozzarella and Olive Salad.

Bloated Snake (Chicken) – White bread dough stuffed with Seasoned Chicken, Portabello Mushroom, Button Mushrooms,White American Cheese, and Fresh Mozzarella

Butternut Squash Shooters – Butternut Squash Soup served in a shot glass topped with a crispy Fried Ravioli. Recipe found here.

Spooktacular Chocolate Pretzels – Chocolate covered pretzel rods in Halloween themed shapes. Recipe found here.

Taffy Apples – Miniature Granny Smith Apples covered in caramel and coated with your choice of sprinkles, Heath crunch, or Walnuts.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Lollipops – Pumpkin Cheesecake skewered on a lollipop stick coated in Orange Chocolate and decorated as a Jack-o-Lantern. Recipe found here.

Wash all that down with some Pumpkin Ale or Spiked Cider!

Can’t forget the Trick or Treat Station!

I would love to thank every one who came out to enjoy the Fright Night Feast!  They certainly deserve credit to come over for dinner knowing they will be feasting on brains, guts, and eyeballs!

Extra Kudos for those who showed up in costume!