Spooktacular Pretzels

So this one isn’t much of a recipe.  It is most definitely a challenge to test your patience though!  I started a charity event when I was in college called ‘Candy for a Cause’, all the culinary students would make candy from scratch and set up demo tables.  We would set up tables around our instructional dining room and open it up to the whole college to come taste our creations.  We would charge either 5 dollars or a non-perishable good to donate to the local food pantry.  For one of those events I picked up these pretzel molds.  Since I had to make a ton of these I bought plenty of molds to make it easy!  All I did to make these candy pretzels was to buy plenty of candy melts in various colors.  I cheated I know but as I mentioned in my cheesecake post – I hate adding color to white chocolate! I hate it and it equally hates me!

I added half a bag of each color to a disposable piping bag and microwaved it until melted.  Some of the molds have more details than others, some I just made it a solid color.  I’m hoping most people ignore my lack of detail and just skip to – “omigoodness they are so cute!”

I did end up drizzling some in the same colors I used for the molds.  Let’s just call it creativity and variety and not


My beaaautiful chocolate pretzels next to the best cookie jar ever.  And yes..I do keep it around all year long.  I’m strange like that.

I wrapped up some of my pretzels for my party guests to easily grab some for the ride home!


…..HIP HIP…..