Welcome to the Piggy Tummy Blog!

Hello everyone! I’m very excited to announce I now have a blog! It sure took me long enough huh? You may be asking yourself – Why piggy tummy? Well short and simple, I love pork belly and piggy tummy just sounds adorable.  You better not have just let out a sigh, deep down inside you know you like it too.

Graduation Photo

by Lynn Michelle Smalley

Since I graduated from College of DuPage I felt like my learning came to a halt.I have been playing with my new smoker but that’s about it. I always vowed to continue to learn new things even after I graduated. I was taught a valuable lesson when I was at COD – In the world of cooking, the learning never ends. I thought that maybe if I had a blog to share my new findings it would push me to find new amusing things to post about. Nobody wants to hear about the meatloaf and mashed potatoes I made tonight.  They want to hear about things that they’ve never tried or maybe never even heard of. So this is my goal – to have an interesting foodie blog that makes people wonder what will come next. Are you excited?! Good! You should come back often!

The agenda today will be smoking poultry for the first time. Wish me luck!