Fancy Pants and White Sox

Nothing is a better wrap up to the summertime as attending a baseball game, in style.  My favorite team is the Chicago White Sox.  My boyfriend works for US Cellular, which is excellent considering the White Sox play at U.S Cellular Field (It will forever be Comiskey in my heart though..).  He won tickets to sit in the Executive Suite.  I was absolutely thrilled.  I had been in the executive suite once before and it was an amazing experience.  Don’t get me wrong, I love sitting in the little tiny folding seats uncomfortably close to the greasy man next to me sucking down pepsi and munching on a hot dog, but the executive suite sure makes a gal feel superly fancy!

The executive suite at US Cellular Field is far more appealing than most hotels I have stayed at.  I would feel terribly out of place if everyone around me wasn’t also decked out in jeans and team t-shirts.  How do they know I am not some super important business lady?  I’m munching on cheese and crackers and sipping wine just like the other lady, ha!  At first I didn’t have a game plan for the buffet.  I saw assorted wings, hot dogs and tamales.  I will admit, I was wondering where the good stuff was! Last time we were invited we enjoyed some top sirloin meatloaf and other fancy treats.  I made myself a tasty hot dog and loaded my plate with chips and dips and cheeses and sat to watch the game.  Just as I finish my food I see a chef, decked out in chef coat, pants, tall hat..and I wonder to myself; he seems quite fancy to be replacing hot dogs.  Then I see his cart of magical wonders.  He was holding out on me.  I was wasting my appetite with hot dogs and chips and he has a beef carving station!  I had to take a few deep breaths in, take some sips of pepsi to aide digestion, and head up for round two.  I loaded my plate with homemade mashed potatoes (no boxed crap here), creamed spinach and artichokes with bacon, and some tasty sliced beef with horseradish cream.  What an amazing dinner!  Do you still sitting at a baseball game!

I decided to make this multi course meal and enjoyed a cheese course with my wine

Then ya know, the dessert cart had to come by…

The White Sox lost horribly, but it was a very delicious loss!

I still love my Sweet Home Chicago!