BBQ Oh how I love you! Let me count the ways . . .

Luau Pig

Hello blogger friends!  I haven’t been able to post in a few days and I have missed it so!  I work for a catering company (Sweet Baby Rays & True Cuisine) so I have been a bit busy with everyone’s parties, weddings, graduations, etc.  I was working as an event manager for a luau today and it made me think that the perfect post for today be about my new found love, BBQ!  I should say it more about grilling in this case, not just BBQ.  I have a great advantage of working for a catering company that has the best of both worlds, casual BBQ and upscale gourmet.  I must admit that the BBQ crowd never disappoints.  They are always a fun bunch, rarely complain, and everyone is so laid back and chill.  How could you ever be angry while chomping on a pig fresh off the spit?  My blog today will be my top 10 reasons why BBQ/Grilling is my favorite cooking method.

10.  It means the winter is finally gone for a few months!!!! (Im in Chicago, this is a victory)

9.  It’s always casual! There is no need to dress fancy for BBQ

8. Cheap!  When on a budget, throw it on a grill and it now becomes a crowd pleaser

7.  For hermits, it’s a great way to leave the house – even if it’s only the patio. . .

6.  Keep the kitchen clean! Leave the mess out doors, let the critters clean up

5.  Great reason to get together with family & friends, who can turn down a bbq?

4.  Diet!  There’s no need to add extra butters, oils, cheeses, fats in general to the grill.  It just works it’s tasty magic

3.  Even a man can do it! (I just did this cause since I dont get any mail, I figured I could start with hate mail)

2. Equipment – not as many whirley gigs and do dads to keep track of, just a grill, some charcoal and some fire..hooray!

1. THE SMELL! I never ever ever get sick of the smell of burning charcoal and wood.  To me that’s the smell of summer and I LOVE it!

Kabobs weaved with Bacon!


Why do YOU love BBQ?