Yes, those jeans DO make you look fat. (It’s about self-love, I promise!)

Do these jeans make me look fat?
Yes..yes they do.
Throw them out! Burn them!
Whatever you do don’t put those horrible leg prisons back on!  I have had these jeans for years now and have never once liked how I looked or felt in them.  However I decided to hold onto them because I felt that one day I will like them. Why do we do this to ourselves?
Force ourselves into wearing or buying things that don’t make you feel absolutely beautiful for the sake of a reminder that you aren’t there yet??
I was sitting in my car running errands as the waist band was digging into my sides.  I made sure to wear a shirt that was more flowy to hide my protruding gut.  As I kept thinking how gross I look, how bad I feel, guilt for eating that brownie (hey it was paleo at least) I had to stop myself. All these horrible emotions over a pair of jeans?? I decided that moment that when I get home they are going in the trash.
Are these not the worst fitting jeans you've ever seen?  Worst. Muffin. Ever.

Are these not the worst fitting jeans you’ve ever seen? Worst. Muffin. Ever.

How can I possibly work on fixing myself if I don’t love myself? If a friend or family member comes to you asking for help you help them! And why do you help them? Because you love them. The same goes for yourself. How can you possibly change something you don’t feel love for? How can you get that fire little inside you if you don’t feel passionately about it?  These simple pair of jeans became this big road block so in the trash they went.

Garbage pants.

Garbage pants.

My goal for you is to find that road block in your life and kick it to the curb and keep going on your journey!