Excuses, excuses


My intentions of this post isn’t to be rude but to just be blatantly honest.  This isn’t just against others out there but this is a reflection of my own situations that I have been able to push through.  Today was a really good day and I need to have something to remind myself that when I free myself of excuses I can do really amazing things.

I have mentioned in past posts that I am really..really..really..bad at box jumps.  I can do them but it takes all my power and strength to jump on that box and get back down.  Once I am down I stare at that box pretending that I am floating back up on it.  I adjust my clothes..since you know, jumping 9 inches up in the air just messes up the entire wardrobe..I take deep breaths, get a sip of water..and maybe at some point I will jump and repeat.

When I saw that this weeks Lurong Challenge was to do 50 box jumps with a 16″ box I laughed!  Well first I was ticked because I said to myself “but the first workout had box jumps! WTH!”  I told myself there’s no way around it you’re going to have to just do it or face the fact your score is gonna suck.  Last night I noticed that step-ups are allowed and that sort of soothed me.  However, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I didn’t want to be the heavy chick that can only step up on a box and not jump so I had my heart set on at the very least – trying.

Also just to set the scene..I have literally avoided workouts with long runs because I am slow as all hell when running and never want to embarrass myself.

So now that the scene is set..lets just say I killed it today.  I did all 50 16″ box jumps and the 50 KB swings and then finished off with a mile run with a fellow crossfitter who also tackled the challenge today.  I would love to thank her for her support today cause I nailed 2 things that I have previously been making excuses for.

Since I was in such a good mood after how well the morning went and how I tackled two major fears of mine I really had to reflect on my journey.  I have had a bad couple of weeks.  I got out of my daily crossfitting because I was having a very bad AI flare.  I was very down that I couldn’t do my usual workouts but I was able to walk! So walk I did!  I walked the dog, I walked at work..walk walk walk.  In the past I would have said “im sick…i just can’t” but where would that get me?  So that people understand and don’t leave comments “if youre sick then don’t workout!” I am sick all the time.  I have an auto immune disease and my body hates me.  If I just always took a break when I got sick..I would never workout.   I do know that when I flare though that crossfit is out.   If I was deathly sick well that’s another story.

  Who are the excuses for anyway?  To make yourself feel better or to try to prove to others you can’t accomplish your goals?  Either way you’re only hurting yourself.  I wanted to list recent excuses/negativity and how I squashed them.  Maybe you too can find a way to squash your excuses.

I can’t do box jumps – I haven’t tried to improve my box jumps

I am a really bad runner – A bad runner is still a runner.  I at least try

I am too tired to workout – it’s 5am..everyones tired.  Sleeping in doesn’t get you any closer to your goal

I dont want to workout today – Why? If there’s no real excuse, remember how good you feel when you do

I don’t have enough money to eat healthy this week – Hello Aldi

It’s too cold/hot/rainy/snowy – Good thing the gym is inside…

I won’t ever achieve my final goal – You’re halfway there

The WOD is too difficult to go today – Theres always a scale and no one will judge you

But I am craving XYZ – It will still be there later

No one else around me eats healthy – That’s on them.  It’s called willpower

No one else works out with me – See above.

Honestly there is so much more that I have conjured up in my brain that has tried to stay in my way.  The best way I can explain it is that I have to treat myself like I would treat a child.  Lots of positive reinforcement but tough love when it counts.  If a child keeps on doing the same thing wrong over and over and all it’s doing is hurting them..are  you just going to keep saying “it’s okay..maybe next time you’ll do better” or will you finally start to put your foot down and possibly recommend another approach?  I can’t keep telling myself “you know its okay you ate that cake..theres always tomorrow!”  Yes..and then another tomorrow and another tomorrow and so on.  At some point it’s just time to be honest to yourself.  Pack away those excuses, negativity and coddling.  Get it done 😉