One year later…

I started my weight loss journey last year at this time.

Had you told me then that a year later I would only be 30 pounds down I would have not been even remotely encouraged to even start.  I did honestly feel that I would be at goal weight by now.  I am not even remotely close to my goal but I really feel I have achieved so much more than just a number on a scale this year.

This year certainly has not been a waste by any means and I don’t think I could have done anything different.  I feel for once I am doing this right!  The only thing I could have done different would be work myself to death and eat lettuce and cross my fingers that the scale goes down.  This year was so full of ah-ha moments that I needed to experience to know what being healthy for life is going to mean for me.

What I have learned this year

  • I learned how to eat like a human being.  Meat, veggies, fruit..learning that things from boxes & bags with 1,000 ingredients isn’t a good choice.  Even Especially when it says  “low fat!” “fat free!”
  • Meal prep and planning is vital
  • It is okay to sweat.  It will not make me melt.
  • My comfort zone really wasn’t very comfortable at all
  • I love lifting.  Let me say it again….I love lifting!
  • Training goals are so much more rewarding than weight loss goals
  • Scales don’t cooperate when you start lifting.  I had to learn to be okay with that.  It took a while but I am finally getting that!
  • Morning workouts are possible!
  • Coffee makes above statement more true
  • There is life beyond Diet Cherry Dr Pepper
  • I can survive without daily chocolate (really!)
  • Auto-immune disease can’t and won’t stop me
  • Whenever I tell myself I can’t – I rebel…and then I do!
  • I am my best support system, coach and cheerleader

There is so much more but I think that list is something to be very proud of!

My goals for this year:

  • Focus on training & fitness goals over weight loss goals
  • Learn to eat like an athlete


My newest adventure – CrossFit!

I am on my third week of CrossFit and I am beyond happy with my choice of starting at Crossfit AMRAP.  I have never felt more accepted in a fitness program or met a nicer group of people.  In a normal gym you’re lucky to get a head nod of an acknowledgement.  I haven’t been able to cross anyone’s path without them introducing themselves and having nothing but encouraging things to say!  Beyond the community the training has pushed me beyond where I felt I could go.  Nothing that I have done at AMRAP I feel I could have pushed myself to do on my own.  Once I hit that uncomfortable edge I would always stop.  That race against the clock or race to get a workout done is addicting and it becomes such a mind game to push yourself to finish.  I don’t do it because I feel I have to..I do it because I want to prove myself that I can.

burpees handstand pullups pullupssuck

This is the year of I can..and I will!