This Girls Gone WOD

I am so happy to announce I have found my Crossfit home!!

I have wanted nothing more for the past few months than to join a crossfit gym.  I had a 1 year contract for personal training that I had to finish up before I can consider adding another monthly payment of over a hundred bucks per month.  My training contract is finally up and I went on the hunt for a new challenge!  I tried one last week and it was exactly the workout I was looking for but the few downsides I saw were that they didn’t offer beginners classes which freaks me out when it comes to high intensity workouts, they openly admitted crossfit comes second in their lives and is more of a hobby, and I just didn’t feel welcomed very much.  The one I tried out today has 6 beginner courses you must take before actually starting on your own, super friendly and encouraging and the 8 minute workout I did kicked my butt!!!  When they said 8 minutes I was thinking “well that’s easy..I guess its just a little sample…”  Holy cow!

I wanted to post my first workout just so I can look back on this and be like –

“Aww that’s so cute!”

Saturday, January 10th 2015

Rowing warm up

AMRAP – 8 Minutes

5 Burpees (with assisted push up)

10 Kettlebell swings 20#

10 Box Jumps 9″

I was able to do 4 full rounds and got up to 1 box jump 🙂

Here is to getting more fit!!

I want to lose weight but I am more focused on fitness levels now.  I want to do better, do more, push myself harder than before.  I can care less right now if I lose 10lbs…I want to just do 1 pull up!

Time to lift heavy things!