Piggy Tummy was down for a few weeks but I am baaaack!

I am pretty excited about the changes I have made since I have been gone and thrilled to be posting the new path  my journey has taken me down.

Just over a week after my Whole 30 challenge ended I went to a specialist to see finally confirm a hunch my family doctor has had for years.  Sure enough I have officially been diagnosed with a very rare auto-immune disorder called Behcets.  Unfortunately there is not a ton that can be done since not much is known about it but I can now treat my symptoms and actually have a name to what I have.  I am lucky to not have many symptoms other people experience but I am now going to be closely monitored to make sure this doesn’t effect any vital organs.  The most uncomfortable symptom I have is that many many foods can cause severe mouth pain and ulcers.  I have lived my life not being able to have sour, bitter, spicy and salty due to this.  After doing a bunch of research with Whole 30 and Paleo I have decided to adopt the Paleo lifestyle.

I am in my second week of eating Paleo and I honestly feel pretty darn good.  I just had the hardest workout I have done in over a month, I am feeling more positive, and I haven’t been craving bad foods.  I now know that a huge reason my Whole 30 “failed” was because I was feeling so sick but now that I am diagnosed I know what I am working with and can move forward.  I have high hopes that eating clean and workout out can really  help.  I don’t want to be on intense medications and end up hurting my body more than helping it.  I have been making some amazing food and can’t wait to share it!  I will save that for another post so this one isn’t too long 🙂

In other news..I got a new pooch!

He has been a fantastic addition to the family and is a total lover.  He is incredibly hyper but I can’t blame him since he was cooped up in a shelter for a while!  His name is Dexter and he is a Border Collie/Hound mix..and he is also a tri-pawd.  His rear left leg has been amputated and we don’t know the story as to why but we don’t need to know..we just know hes awesome!