Whole 30 Day 9, 10 & 11

Yeah I know I let 3 days go without blogging! Such a procrastinator…

I am at a computer all day long at work and the thought to log into my computer when I get home makes me sad.  Don’t get me wrong, I still surf the web but via tablet or phone so I can lounge on the couch and check the webs!

Anyhoo Whole 30 is still going very well.  I have been getting alot more cravings and I can totally admit I dream of what I will eat when I am done.  I should explain that further though…I dont have a desire to go back to all my bad habits fully and stuff my face with all the things I couldn’t have.  You won’t find me huddled in a corner taking bites off of a whole baguette in one hand, a wheel of cheese in the other, and chocolate remnants smeared across my lips.  I have definitely learned my lesson and opened my eyes to how important food is.  Correction – how important the right food is.

I am fully convinced processed foods are gone from my diet.  If i cannot pronounce the ingredients then I am not eating it.  I do plan on eating the ‘banned’ foods in moderation.  It’s just not sustainable for me long term to not eat breads, cheeses and chocolate!  I have just learned to retrain my brain to let myself know I dont need these things!  I may want them, and that’s okay!  But I dont have this undying attachment to these foods.  Which was terribly unhealthy.

So yes..Day 31…I want pizza.  I am not ashamed haha

I am proud to say the timeline of what to expect on Whole 30 said that day 10 & 11 were the days you were most likely to quit.  Im still going baby!

Heres some of the foods I have eaten the last couple days


Turkey breast, chard with garlic & mushrooms, sweet potato with coconut milk


Cumin cauliflower rice, chicken thighs, peppers & onions..so good!!


Turkey bacon club salad.  Turkey, bacon, onion, tomato over greens


egg salad topped with cherry tomato


Eggs & Bacon with Avocado Ranch

Most of my other meals weren’t exactly pretty enough for photo ops but thats a look into what I have had!

Still going strong *flex*