Whole 30 Day 7 & 8 + Color Run

What a busy weekend!!

Saturday my boyfriend’s mom was visiting and staying over so I planned a fun filled evening!  We all went to a mini-theme park down the street from me called an ‘Azoosment Park’ because it has carnival style rides plus a petting zoo area.  It was incredibly fun and I am sad I didn’t go there sooner!  We got the kids good and tired and then I had a Whole 30 style BBQ at my house.

Totally cute right?  Kaieligh & Logan

At first I thought I would make some stuff for the BBQ that were not Whole 30 compliant for the sake of my  guests..

Then I thought about it..why is just having meats, fruits, and veggies so taboo?  We dont need starch filled salads and sides and processed chips to have a delicious exciting meal together!  So I went against my initial thoughts and went with a meal where I was allowed to have everything!

My Menu
Deviled Eggs (homemade mayo)
Grilled Vegetables
Marinated Olives
Mashed Sweet Potato
Chopped fruit with coconut
Grilled Chicken w/ Avocado Ranch
Grilled Shrimp

Everything was super delicious and guilt free and everyone was happy! (me included for sure)

Whole 30 BBQ



eggs, mustard, relish, homemade mayo, salt, pepper, paprika


Grilled veggies – just olive oil, salt, pepper




Mashed sweet potato with a little coconut milk


Grilled chicken & shrimp – hot dogs for the kiddos


Avocado Ranch Recipe


Super yum.


Day 8 Race Day!!

My first 5k EVER..and it was awesome!

For breakfast I had some leftover sweet potato with grilled vegetables and a hardboiled egg.  It was so early that I wasn’t super hungry but I knew I couldn’t skip breakfast when I was going to be running.  I did have a banana just before the race though for a little extra fuel.  After the race I enjoyed a tasty Apple Pie Lara Bar.  Now for the fun part…RACE PICTURES!


Love love loved this run!

My brother and sister in law were going to run with me but unfortunately it sold out before they could sign up.  But my brother being the awesome big brother he is woke up early, drove to the city just to jump in at the end of the race to finish the last leg of the race with me 🙂

My mom did take a picture of us but my mom isn’t super awesome at technology so apparently the picture doesn’t exist.

But my mom deserves credit too for waking up stupid early for me to get there before the race started.  I hate driving in the city so I needed the moral support to even get to the race!


I finished the race in 36 minutes which is a personal record for me.  This was even including the 3 stops for the congested color areas and a stop for a photo with my brother (so I thought…)  Without the stops I probably would have finished around 32 minutes which would have been a huge record for me.  I will keep at it!

Since we were right near the ever-so-popular photo opportunity ‘The Bean’ we decided to stop there after the race


I headed home then and took a well needed shower..had some lunch..and totally crashed for about 3 hours.  I think due to the excitement of the color run I didn’t sleep very well.  I think I never achieved deep sleep because of fear of not waking up to the alarm at 5am so I was beat..

(btw for the sake of whole 30 lunch was all natural grass fed beef hot dogs with sweet potato chips)

Breakfast and Lunch were not very impressive photo-wise but dinner sure was!  Made an amazing grilled pork chop dinner. Yum!


Probably my favorite dinner so far.  Garlic grilled pork chop, seasoned cauliflower rice, grilled asparagus and sauteed granny smith apples.  For the apples I sauteed them in ghee with a little salt and cinnamon.  Went super awesome with the pork chop and doubled as a little dessert treat!

Overall Whole 30 is going well.  I will admit im getting a few more urges than I have the previous days.  When I had my hot dog at lunch I missed the bun, after the run I really wanted an ice cold fountain drink, was craving some sweets.  Mainly my cravings have been carbs.  I have been doing a very good job at redirecting my cravings to something compliant and it’s working well.  I haven’t even remotely had the urge to give up..just a few more urges to eat things I shouldn’t!

So sad this weekend is just about done.  It was a really awesome weekend 🙂