Whole 30 Day 5 + Backsquat Experience

Whoever said today was supposed to be the grumpy day on Whole 30 is crazy!
I had an amazing day!

I ate delicious food, had a ton of energy, wasn’t sick, and killed it at the gym!

I even have a video today! Yay! I will let you take a look at that and follow up with my gym story in writing and my foods for today..enjoy!

So If you didn’t watch the video I will explain further here.
I saw my trainer today and he said he was going to show me how to do backsquats.  Which I was stupid excited about.  All the blogs, instagrams, pinterest boards I follow all the sexy fit people do these backsquats.  Yay I am a sexy fit people!
So anyway..He had me do the bar only and asked how that was.  I said it was alright….so he added a 20# weight to each side.  He asked me to go..I said it’s kinda hard!  He adds more weight.  I said its really hard.  He adds another weight..I said wow thats super hard.  So he says he will keep the weight right there and we will do 2 more sets.  Sure enough he says “I think you can do more…” I tell him adamantly that it was very hard!! So another guy in the gym says “You can do it! Dont be afraid of the weight”.  I informed him im not afraid of the weight im afraid of falling over! So I trust my trainer since hes been working with me and he is all about safety so I had to trust myself.  I go under the bar to lift it..sure enough I lifted it and got into position.  I was facing the mirror so I could see everyone behind me.  A bunch of buff weight lifter guys stopped what they were doing and watched me.  One even nudged another guy and said “see that?!”  It was awesome!!!!
That was my empowering gym story of the day!
Onto foods!
Today was easy for me..I am loving what I am eating.  Its totally new flavors and textures and so refreshing to have something other than just my usual sandwiches and chips and breaded whatever and processed junk.  I honestly thought I would get more cravings!  It’s only day 5 but I feel absolutely confident in the days to come!
Breakfast Day 5
Not a pretty photo..sorry! But I was running out the door for work.  It tasted awesome though I assure you.   2 hard boiled eggs, 1/2 avocado, diced red onion, diced jalapeno, salt & pepper
Lunch Day 5
I know I had this everyday! I made alot of it! I didnt get a ton of different groceries since I was having trouble eating anyway and this was small, cold, soft and delicious!  Blueberry Waldorf Salad over spring mix with cherry tomato.  I promise it’s gone now!
Snack Day 5
Berries! I also had a green apple with almond butter and a Lara Bar (apple pie) before my workout
Dinner Day 5
Tuna Cakes with Green Olives.  Recipe here
They were super tasty but a little softer than I hoped for.  I fried them in a super hot pan and they were still pretty smooshy.  But the flavor rocked.  I made my own ranch dressing to go with it.  Yum yum yum!
Bring it on Day 6!