Whole 30 Day 4

Feeling so much better!!

Much much better day 🙂 I am very proud that I stuck with this even when I felt miserable!  When I feel sick I tend to go to comfort foods and well that is hard to do when I cleared out the pantry and fridge!  So I fought the odds..got through it..time to embrace the program!

Breakfast Day 4


Cauliflower rice, brussel sprouts, over easy egg, olives, chicken sausage

Lunch Day 4


Blueberry waldorf salad over spring mix

Snack Day 4


watermelon, blueberry, coconut & cashews
love love love love this!
also had a banana & a hard boiled egg during the day

Dinner Day 4


zucchini noodles, caramelized onions, garlic, jalapeno chicken sausage and cherry tomatoes

Day 4 went pretty well.  I will admit I did have the undying urge to add parmesan cheese to my dinner.  I wouldn’t have done it (mainly because I dont have any….) but it’s so odd how these old habits have such a grasp on me!  When I sat down to eat my meal I quickly realized it was delicious and did not need any added cheese! It was good all on its own.  My other struggle today was I still track my food even though during the challenge you dont necesarily have to.  After I tracked it said I was way over on fat grams for the day.  I instantly freaked out!  I started googling any information to help me know what my fat intake should be.  I stumbled upon this article and felt a little better.  It pretty much explains the health benefits of healthy fats as opposed to the junk fats from processed foods.  All food I consumed today was considered a ‘healthy fat’ so I need to get out of that mindset that all fat is bad.  It’s hard! Overall though it was a good day.  I’m excited to get back into the gym tomorrow with my trainer.

The Whole 30 “what to expect” calendar shows tomorrow should be a grumpy day..watch out!