Whole 30 Day 2 & 3

I am so behind!

But I promise to keep up on this better..I had gotten so sick Monday which traveled into Tuesday

At least I had an excuse, right?

I still kept on plan and here’s what I had Monday & Tuesday..

It wasn’t a lot of food because I seriously didn’t feel well.  I was put on a bunch of meds and it made me not even want to look at food!

Breakfast Day 2


Hardboiled egg, avocado, chicken sausage

Lunch Day 2


Apparently I didnt take a picture..But i had my blueberry waldorf salad with a side of sweet potato

Dinner Day 3


So this meal had potential…Too bad I couldn’t eat it 🙁
Flounder topped with homemade mayo and olive tapenade, cauliflower rice and brussel sprouts.
I tried to eat it…and then I felt lunch coming up..so the dog got a nice meal!

As far as emotions go on Whole 30 for today…Didn’t really have any..I was miserable due to sickness not whole 30!


Day 3 I was starving!!! I am sure mostly due to not eating much the day before. I also think since I haven’t been having carbonated drinks it was making my stomach feel very empty all day.  But I started feeling better at least 🙂

Breakfast Day 3


Cauliflower rice, zucchini noodles, chicken sausage and olives

Lunch Day 3


Repeat of day 2.  Blueberry waldorf salad with a side of sweet potato

Snack Day 3


watermelon, blueberries, shredded coconut

Dinner Day 3


Hamburger with an over easy egg, olive tapenade, brussel sprouts and avocado.  Totally yum!

Day 3 went pretty easy for me.  I still feel like the lack of carbonated drinks is making me feel false hunger.  The plus side is I haven’t had the urge to have one at all 🙂