Whole 30 Day 1

I survived Day 1!

It was a rough day but not due to my new eating habits.  I have been having really severe mouth pain so it was hard to eat anything.  I only ate around 1,000 calories today because it was just too hard to eat anything.  Even water hurts! This is also why I could not video blog today..

I did use my time wisely today though to get prepared for the rest of week.  Even not feeling well I had to make sure I was prepared for the week ahead especially just starting this challenge.  I was tired so there were a lot of breaks in between but I finished!  Overall meal wise day 1 was easy.  I will say I did have an urge for chocolate but nothing I couldn’t control.  I did not miss my diet dr pepper at all today..didn’t really think about it until now honestly.

Here’s what I ate today


Monkey Salad
banana, almond butter, shredded coconut
I saw this on multiple websites so I will just credit this one Good Cheap Eats


Hamburger, avocado and red onion over green beans sauteed in ghee


Quick egg salad
1 hardboiled egg, a small spoon of homemade mayo, red onion & olive tapenade


Zucchini noodles with bacon and scallops with a side of watermelonRecipe inspiration – Meatified


Aside from all these tasty dishes I did a ton of prep for the week..


Prepped a ziploc of cauliflower rice


smooshed up some steamed sweet potato for tuna cakes


prepped some brussel sprouts with bacon as a quick grab veggie


homemade mayo! 1 cup evoo, 1 egg, pinch of mustard powder, pinch of salt..mix with stick blender


Blueberry Waldorf Salad
A whole 30 version of the one I have posted about before1 lb chicken, 1 cup blueberries, 2 stalks celery, diced red onion to taste, 1/4 cup walnuts,  a few spoons of homemade mayo and a small spoon of coconut cream


Brats with peppers and onions
I made this for my boyfriends lunches though.  He said he will be mostly whole30 compliant with me.  I am so glad hes been supportive through all my crazy ideas 🙂

Wow I was a busy lady!  It was a good day..Just hope I feel better soon!

Onto Day 2!