Work it out

I haven’t mentioned the community I am a part of yet so I thought today was a good day to mention it.

I started listening to the Half Size Me podcast last month and heard it had a community of people that support each other through their weight loss and maintenance journey.  The podcast is amazing and inspirational and I owe a lot of why I am still motivated to listening to the podcast and the people that get interviewed.  The main focus is on people who have lost a lot of weight but have also kept it off.  It’s great to hear that everyone who loses weight didn’t just lose it the first time around with no issues like we all tend to think when we see success stories.  It’s very raw and honest and it has been incredibly helpful.  Please show the half size me podcast some love.


Now I do have a reason for the shout out other than just showing some love for the community i’m a part of.  A recent interview was for Jessica Gil Martin who lost a ton of weight and seriously looks amazing. This chick is hardcore and a total knock out!  I was looking at her instagram and loved that she would show her Polar HRM with calories burned and what her workout was.  So I have decided to adopt that idea and start posting periodically my workouts and my HRM stats.  You should check out her instagram because its simply awesome.


I get a new routine every week from my personal trainer so I tend to keep up the routine he gives me but change the reps and the order they go in.  I don’t do a mile run with him though since its limited time.  Today was also the day I timed my mile.  I have never been a runner and didn’t ever think I would even attempt to run but now it’s become a challenge for me that I have to tackle.  I should also mention this is probably only the second time I have ever run for a full mile.  The first time being last Friday.

My first timed mile

Yes I am aware that is a crappy mile time.  However…it’s better than not finishing.  It’s better than not trying.  I now have something to focus on and work on.  In the past I went to the gym with the main focus to lose weight.  It really becomes obsessive.  I feel like if I choose small fitness goals rather than weight goals I don’t get as frustrated.  The weight will come off in the mean time – but it wont be my obsession.