Not So Poor Boy

I made an absolutely delicious sandwich the other day that I just had to log in to share with you all

But first…


I made another craft!

I got to add 2 gems to the LBS GONE side today..that’s right..I am down 19 lbs!

Now onto the sammich..


I know it’s sort of hard to tell whats going on here but I assure you it was delicious.  This is what I call a ‘Not So Poor Boy’

I wanted to have a shrimp panini but I didn’t want to waste valuable calories on fried shrimp for the traditional poor boy.

Not So Poor Boy

3 oz of sauteed shrimp

1/2 avocado, sliced

1 slice red onion

2 slice tomato

1 oz. dill havarti cheese

1 tbs Hidden Valley Garlic Aioli

2 slices wheat bread

Get all those ingredients in sandwich form and slap that baby on a panini grill.  It’s amazing!  I did not miss the fried shrimp on a traditional Po’ Boy.  Delicious.