Weekly Meal Plan 3/30

This week I took a little bit of a different approach.  I normally make my full meal with multiple components and pack snacks etc.

This would also mean I would have no time for my Sundays for anything fun.  This week I decided to make it a fish and salad week.  I prepped some components of my salads but for the most part I stripped away some of the more timely things for more time to myself.  This was the best plan ever for this weekend because it was the first gorgeous day outside in Chicago this year!  I went for a walk at Busse Woods which I believe is 7.3 miles.  I thought it was 8 but I walked over 8 miles anyway according to fitbit.


My mom was a trooper but she was cursing my name when there was about 4 miles left.  But we finished!

I also had time to craft today so I made some sweaty bands and some workout towels.  But thats for another blog post..Onto the weekly meal plan!


Weekly Meal Plan for 3/30


Still stuck on my oatmeal!  I love it with either Cinnamon, half & half and egg whites or mushrooms, thyme, asiago and egg whites.  It fills me up until my pre-lunch snack which makes me happy.



  • 50/50 Lettuce blend, rare slices of beef, bleu cheese crumbles & dried cherries topped with balsamic dressing
  • 50/50 Lettuce blend, baked salmon, feta cheese, pumpkin seeds topped with yogurt caesar dressing



  • Low Sodium Turkey with alfalfa sprouts, tomato, lettuce on wheat
  • Low Sodium Ham with cheddar, apples, honey mustard on wheat
  • Not So Poor Boy – shrimp, avacado, dill havarti, red onion, garlic aioli on wheat



  • Cedar Plank Salmon with BBQ sauce, rosemary roasted vegetables, sweet potatoes
  • Mahi Mahi with brown rice and vegetables
  • Turkey & Vegetables over brown rice


  • Pistachios
  • Greek Yogurt (dessert flavors – dannon light & fit)
  • Quest Bars – Cinnamon Roll & Banana Nut Muffin
  • Cardio Energy Drink (suggested at GNC ill review it later)
  • Protein Shakes

I feel like I have to explain the shakes.  I have been trying to up my protein and it takes some time to get used to finding all the foods to properly get all your protein.  I got them temporarily until I get my menu figured out to get protein from ‘real’ foods.  So I dont plan on using it as a meal replacement or for very long.

Also since alot of my meals will be prepared on a day to day basis I couldn’t offer too much food porn on this post.  But I did start an Instagram page where I will be posting everything on my blog here today.

So please add me! http://instagram.com/piggytummy