First Video Blog! Meal Plan 4/10

I thought it would be fun to try a video blog this week!

As you will see in the video I was absolutely terrified but I did it..Yay!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter.  It was absolutely gorgeous here! I finished week 7 of C25K and finally got to run outside!  Only slightly more exciting than running on the treadmill.  After my run I did a 2 mile walk and enjoyed this awesome weather.


Then had a post-workout snacky treat.  I enjoyed it outside with my Hanna-Bananas


And now it’s time….*deep breath* my first video blog…

In case you were so distracted by my beauty here is my meal plan for the week -


Fruit & Vegetable Smoothies

Options / Ingredients include: kale, spinach, carrots, cherries, peaches, blueberries, strawberries, soy milk, vanilla yogurt


Zoodles with grilled vegetables

Shrimp, Tilapia or Mahi Mahi with Quinoa (Domo Seafood)

Grilled Chicken with 3 Cheese Mushroom Quiona

Greek Chicken Salad (cucumber, red peppers, red onion, tomato, capers, chicken, feta, OPA feta dill dressing)


Fruit (Bananas, plums, asian pear, watermelon, grapes, strawberries)



Cottage Cheese


Pre-Workout Purple Drank

Cardio Cuts aka JACK UP JUICE!

I did try to mix up my meal plan this week. I have been frustrated by how slowly my weight loss has been.  Don’t get me wrong it has been going in the right direction.  There has been a few weeks where I don’t even lose the low-end 1/2 pound.  I still kept strict with my meal plan but I think I need to tighten the reigns a little bit better for a few weeks.  I will miss my oatmeal breakfast but it’s not gone..just on hiatus!

Thanks for being my audience for my first ever video blog..WOOO!

Zoodles are Yum

What an absolutely fantastic (and busy) Saturday it was!

My poor dood (bf aka dood) had to have mouth surgery yesterday so I had to take care of him and make sure he was comfy cozy.  I had to grocery shop to make sure im ready for my meal plan for the week (as always will be posted tomorrow), take the dog to the vet to start chemo, hit the gym, cook dinner and the nerd in me also had to play Star Wars with my friends.  Whew.  Im wiped!

I had quite the intense workout today.  I did start off my day with a short walk outside because it was so nice out I had to take advantage.  While the bf was in a drug induced sleep coma I thought it’d be best for me to walk instead of being stir-crazy and making a bunch of noise.  After I took Mr. Azi McGrumpy Puppy to the vet I hit the gym and had a pretty intense workout!


Sasha is the fuzzy white one with Yoda ears and Azi McGrumpy Puppy is the black one

I have to get Flash installed on my computer..had to reboot the whole thing because it’s still not cooperating with me so sadly I cant simplify my workout with my usual collages.  I will just have to list it!


  • 5 minute warm up jog
  • 12 corner squats 25#
  • 10 squats with dumbell arm raise 20# (left & right side)
  • 20 Squats with disc weight pull up 25#
  • 10 Bosu ball burpees
  • repeat 3x

(I did slack off on the 3rd round with disc weight since my knee hurt)
Finished up weight training with planks on a medicine ball and sit ups
Then it was on to cardio!!

Week 7 Day 2 of C25K Warm up 5 minutes – 25 minutes of running – 5 minutes cooldown

Running has never been my thing so this has continued to be a challenge.  I could easily give up and say running just stinks..but I have 1 week left to say I completed something I never thought I would.  The entire time I run it’s a constant barrage of positive self talk.

“You got’ve done it before..”

“Focus on 5 minutes can do 5 minutes”

“10 minutes’ve done that before!”

I never self bash when im running or even when im working out.  Why put myself through it if I dislike myself?  I have completely adopted the fact of if you wouldn’t say it to a friend..don’t say it to yourself.  It seems so simple but it’s a necessary tool!

After C25K I did 15 minutes on the elliptical to cool down a bit

Totally rocked this workout!


Then it was time for a well deserved smoothie…


1 cup light soymilk, 1/2 cup fat free Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup peaches, 1/2 cup cherries, 1/2 cup spinach, 1 whole carrot (I shredded mine first)

Blend that baby up!  It doesn’t sound tempting but it was really delicious!

Dinner was more delicious though so I definitely have to share that recipe

Zoodles!  Again!

Check this post to make sure you are aware of Zoodles…


  • 1 whole zucchini
  • grilled vegetables (peppers, squash, onion, mushrooms)
  • 1 tablespoon capers
  • 1/4 cup shredded parmesan
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 2 oz chicken breast (all i had left pre-cooked haha)
  • cherry tomatoes
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil

These are all items I already had in my fridge so this was one awesome throw-together meal.  I already had pre-cooked chicken, pre-grilled vegetables.  All I had to do was use my trusy vegetable noodle maker for the zucchini.

I melted the coconut oil in a saute pan and added the noodle-fied zucchini and garlic and tossed until soft


Then I cubed up my chicken and tossed that in with the grilled vegetables


Once it was all nice and hot I added the Parmesan so it can get nice and melty!  Lastly I added the capers instead of adding salt.

Absolutely delicious.  I could probably live on this everyday..

Well mostly everyday..sometimes I’ll need pizza.

Well that was my Saturday! Hope you had a health-filled weekend!

Don’t eat too much brunch tomorrow! Happy Easter :)

Weekly Meal Plan 4/14

I meant to post this yesterday but my computer was being a jerk

It was a pretty eventful week so I have to update about all that!  First off..I finally broke through my plateau!  I was hovering at 19 pounds lost for nearly 3 weeks and it was driving me INSANE!  I was trying to be frugal with my money but I felt I really deserved an award for finally busting through and losing 20 pounds! Rewards keep us going right?!


I saw that shirt at Target and I fell in love with it! So I knew I needed that..Then I also picked up Zumba World Party for XBOX Kinect!  I had seen videos of the one that came out when the Kinect came out and I wasn’t impressed.  This one seemed to have better graphics and music.  I tried it out last night and LOVED it!  I am really bad at being motivated to do home workouts so I feel very confident that this will help me out on days I can’t make it to the gym.


I have finally ventured into the big boy area of the gym with my trainer and started lifting.
Do you even lift bro?

I practiced some of the moves today during my workout..heres the stats of today -


In case you aren’t aware of what corner squats’s a visual



I was very proud today because at first when I joined the gym I would avoid looking at the mirror during workouts at all costs.  I have no choice but to see myself in the mirror during corner squats because the bar is in a spot where two mirrors meet.  Unless I do this with my eyes closed – which I don’t recommend – I had to see myself.  Honesty, I liked what I saw!  I am not perfect yet but I sure am improving!  I have some ways to go but I think it’s important to love yourself during the whole journey.  Working out isn’t fun when you don’t like yourself.  It has so much more purpose when you’re doing this because you love yourself..not because its punishment for what you’ve done to get yourself there.


This weeks meal plan

I was hoping to grill a bunch of stuff this weekend since the forecast was supposed to be beautiful Saturday.  Mr Weather Man said Saturday will be gorgeous except for a few suburbs that will be getting rain.  I was the lucky winner!  I was able to grill some vegetables and burgers though so that became the highlight of my meal plan this week.


Protein Pancakes
1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 cup oats, 4 egg whites, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tsp vanilla
Put everything in a blender and blend until smooth.  Fry those babies up! Makes 2 servings (6 pancakes)
I topped mine with fruit and a little bit of butter spread.

And as always I still love my oatmeal!


I have been enjoying some grilled burgers!  90% lean beef topped with smoked cheddar and grilled vegetables


Grilled Vegetable & Chicken Sandwiches
Grilled Zucchini, Onions, Peppers, Chicken & Mozzarella


Zucchini Noodles with Chicken Andouille Sausage or Grilled Chicken

Still have enough salad stuff to make my favorite salad with beef & bleu cheese in my past 2 posts


Odwalla Protein Bars

Fruit (asian pears, plums, bananas, grapes, strawberries)


Chicken Salad/Tuna Salad w/ crackers

Grilled Vegetables

Chobani Bite Yogurt Raspberry Chocolate Chip

That’s it for my weekly meal plan and update!

I hope to get more posts in this week but its going to be a bit nutty…

Until next time!

Totes My Oats

I have been making some seriously awesome oatmeals lately and figured I would post my tasty concoctions.

But first as always I have to share my progress!

I only have a workout picture this time no weight loss so far since last post


I only had 5 hours of sleep (accumulative not straight..) then went to work and hit the gym for two hours.  Probably not the smartest thing to do but I can’t miss Monday Zumba and if I miss training then I still have to pay.  So…Yeah I was wiped lol

The photo of me in the corner was me laying down on the cold laminate floor for 10 minutes before Zumba started!
I was also smart and changed my personal training to Friday since I tend to be so exhausted on Mondays.  Now I only have to shake my booty at Zumba on Mondays!


Ready to hear about Oats? Totes!


Mushroom, Thyme & Asiago

1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, 1 tablespoon asiago, chopped mushrooms, 2 tablespoons fat free half/half, 2 egg whites (photo shows sunny side up egg but I have been doing egg whites lately), fresh thyme, kosher salt

Saute mushrooms and add thyme, remove and set aside.  Bring 1 cup of water and kosher salt to a boil.  Add oats and cook about 3 minutes until it’s almost done but not quite.  Add egg whites and stir until they cook up, you dont want it to look like scrambled eggs but rather have it mix in with the oatmeal and get creamy.  Add half/half and cheese and mix until melted and heated through.  Add mushrooms with thyme.  Enjoy!

Cinnamon Kick


1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, 2 tablespoons half/half, 2 egg whites, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, pinch of cayenne, kosher salt

Bring 1 cup of water and kosher salt to a boil.  Add oats and cook about 3 minutes until it’s almost done but not quite.  Add egg whites and stir until they cook up, you dont want it to look like scrambled eggs but rather have it mix in with the oatmeal and get creamy.  Add half/half, cinnamon and cayenne.  A delicious sweet and spicy breakfast!  Some serious protein and metabolism boost in here!

“Chicken & Waffles”


Yes this totally had to be done!

1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, kosher salt, 2 tablespoons fat free half/half, 1 egg white, 2 tablespoons sugar free maple syrup, 1 Perdue Whole Wheat Breaded Chicken Cutlet

Bring 1 cup of water and kosher salt to a boil.  Add oats and cook about 3 minutes until it’s almost done but not quite.  Add egg whites and stir until they cook up, you dont want it to look like scrambled eggs but rather have it mix in with the oatmeal and get creamy.While the oatmeal is finishing add chicken to a dry pan and let it get a little crispy instead of just heating in the microwave.  Love the little crunch without having to fry it.  You can bake it in the oven but if im cooking just one at a time I dont have time to pre-heat the oven.  Add the half/half and maple syrup.  Cut the chicken into strips.  This is possibly my favorite but the mushroom/thyme is a super close second!

Peanut Butter Berry


1/2 cup oats, 1 1/4 cup water, 2 tablespoons PB2, 2 egg whites, 2 tablespoons fat free half/half, small sprinkle of slivered almonds, sliced berries

Bring 1 cup of water and kosher salt to a boil.  You will need a little extra water for this one because the PB2 makes it a little bit more thick.  Add oats and cook about 3 minutes until it’s almost done but not quite.  Add egg whites and stir until they cook up, you dont want it to look like scrambled eggs but rather have it mix in with the oatmeal and get creamy. Add PB2 and half/half.  If it gets too thick add a little more water, the PB2 can do that.  Top with almonds and berries.

If you are not familiar with PB2 its a powdered peanut butter.  Its amazing to mix into liquid type items for a guilt-free peanut butter treat!  Some stores dont carry it but you can get it on Amazon and I have recently seen it sold at GNC.

Now you have a great excuse to cook up some breakfast tomorrow!

Weekly Meal Plan 4/6

Happy Sunday!

That means it’s meal planning day! Wooo!

Of course before I get to the goods I had to share my workout for today…7.3 mile walk/run at Busse Woods


Week 6 complete!  I will be totally honest.  It sucked!  It was my first day running outside and I didn’t realize how drastically different going from a treadmill to real ground would be.  I struggled but I finished.  The following 6 or so miles I alternated running and walking and tried out the Zombies, Run! App.  Which I think has potential to be cool but I didn’t have much time to mess with it and it kept stopping my music tracks which kept stopping my pace…

Anyhoo the other highlights of the weekend…

The boyfriend got me new shoes!


Totally makes me look fast, right?


And then the boyfriend spoiled me yet again and got me a new grill and patio set!

Which brings me into the meal plan.

I did keep a lot of the same items from last week but this time I used my fancy grill!


Still on my oatmeal kick! Today I made a new concoction

“Chicken & Waffles” Protein Packed Oatmeal


It was pretty much 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, 2 tbs fat free half & half, 2 tbs sugar free maple syrup, kosher salt and a few drops of vanilla.  I topped it with a Perdue whole wheat breaded chicken breast.  I am planning on doing an oatmeal blog because i’ve been making some crazy delicious breakfasts!


Same as last week because I have a ton of lettuce mix left over and frankly I loved them.  I did grill my salmon & steak today!


  • 50/50 Lettuce blend, rare slices of beef, bleu cheese crumbles & dried cherries topped with balsamic dressing
  • 50/50 Lettuce blend, baked salmon, feta cheese, pumpkin seeds topped with yogurt caesar dressing



  • Zucchini “spaghetti” with grilled chicken or shrimp
  • Still have yet to use my Mahi Mahi in the freezer so maybe i’ll get to that haha
  • And to be honest.. I have had a crazy hankering for sausage pizza so that might have to happen.  Yes believe it or not I am allowed pizza

For the zucchini spaghetti I bought this awesome gadet from Walgreens.  It was only $15 and totally worth it.


It was easy to use, easy to clean and the zucchini was delicious.  I did not miss ‘real’ pasta at all.

For 2 servings I sliced up 3 zucchini.  I threw it into a saute pan with just a little bit of pan spray and just tossed it around to soften just a touch.  I threw in some mushrooms that I had cooked on the grill today and 1/2 cup of light pasta sauce.  I topped that with 1/4 cup of parmesan cheese and 4 oz grilled chicken breast.  I LOVED it.  It was super filling and delicious.


  • Pistachios
  • Plums, cantaloupe, apples, grapes
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Smoked Turkey Sticks & String Cheese

Not super exciting I know.  Its been a long week and I got a bit lazy.  But everything I chose is super tasty and easy to make and throw together to pack up for lunch.  But seriously…get the veggie slicer!


Not So Poor Boy

I made an absolutely delicious sandwich the other day that I just had to log in to share with you all

But first…


I made another craft!

I got to add 2 gems to the LBS GONE side today..that’s right..I am down 19 lbs!

Now onto the sammich..


I know it’s sort of hard to tell whats going on here but I assure you it was delicious.  This is what I call a ‘Not So Poor Boy’

I wanted to have a shrimp panini but I didn’t want to waste valuable calories on fried shrimp for the traditional poor boy.

Not So Poor Boy

3 oz of sauteed shrimp

1/2 avocado, sliced

1 slice red onion

2 slice tomato

1 oz. dill havarti cheese

1 tbs Hidden Valley Garlic Aioli

2 slices wheat bread

Get all those ingredients in sandwich form and slap that baby on a panini grill.  It’s amazing!  I did not miss the fried shrimp on a traditional Po’ Boy.  Delicious.


Work it out

I haven’t mentioned the community I am a part of yet so I thought today was a good day to mention it.

I started listening to the Half Size Me podcast last month and heard it had a community of people that support each other through their weight loss and maintenance journey.  The podcast is amazing and inspirational and I owe a lot of why I am still motivated to listening to the podcast and the people that get interviewed.  The main focus is on people who have lost a lot of weight but have also kept it off.  It’s great to hear that everyone who loses weight didn’t just lose it the first time around with no issues like we all tend to think when we see success stories.  It’s very raw and honest and it has been incredibly helpful.  Please show the half size me podcast some love.


Now I do have a reason for the shout out other than just showing some love for the community i’m a part of.  A recent interview was for Jessica Gil Martin who lost a ton of weight and seriously looks amazing. This chick is hardcore and a total knock out!  I was looking at her instagram and loved that she would show her Polar HRM with calories burned and what her workout was.  So I have decided to adopt that idea and start posting periodically my workouts and my HRM stats.  You should check out her instagram because its simply awesome.


I get a new routine every week from my personal trainer so I tend to keep up the routine he gives me but change the reps and the order they go in.  I don’t do a mile run with him though since its limited time.  Today was also the day I timed my mile.  I have never been a runner and didn’t ever think I would even attempt to run but now it’s become a challenge for me that I have to tackle.  I should also mention this is probably only the second time I have ever run for a full mile.  The first time being last Friday.

My first timed mile

Yes I am aware that is a crappy mile time.  However…it’s better than not finishing.  It’s better than not trying.  I now have something to focus on and work on.  In the past I went to the gym with the main focus to lose weight.  It really becomes obsessive.  I feel like if I choose small fitness goals rather than weight goals I don’t get as frustrated.  The weight will come off in the mean time – but it wont be my obsession.

She’s Crafty!

As I stated in my last blog I had time to do some crafts over the weekend.  It really isn’t much of a great tutorial since I am new to sewing I sort of just wing it.  But I will do my best to explain it! They are both pretty simple projects.

First! An update on my health.  I started my healthy living plan at the end of January after my birthday.  I have been doing my body fat % and measurments, weight etc update at the end of each month.  Here’s my stats so far :

17 lbs lost, 1 pants size dropped, 3% body fat down, and many inches off all over! Hooray!

I did try this drink today before my workout I thought I should mention too. Its called CARDIO and I got it from GNC.  I work 2 jobs and workout after work.  I find myself dragging and tired so I wanted to try to boost my energy but not with high calorie/high sugar/carb drinks. The lady at GNC recommended this.


I am normally a very shy person…I realized after my workout that I had been talking and joking with my personal trainer my whole workout and introduced myself and talked to multiple people in my Zumba class.  Then I got home and was talking a mile a minute to my boyfriend about how awesome my workout was.  His response “you’re jacked up”  So…..the drink mix worked for energy.


Onto the Fitness Crafts!

I have learned what it’s like to sweat in the gym now.  I see all these other people dripping in sweat and then I see myself dry as a bone.  I just figured I just wasnt a sweaty person.  Well I have learned now after working with personal trainer that isn’t so true….

I decided I needed to bring a workout towel now since I do in fact sweat.  I didn’t want just any towel I of course needed a cute towel.

First I picked out some absorbent soft towels at Ross.  I got a 5 pack of multi color towels for only 5$.  I picked up a 1/2 yard of fabrics in fun coordinating colors to my towels I bought.  I measured the towel against the fabric and cut enough fabric to have about an inch on all borders.  I could have done let but I was totally winging this so I wanted to have enough fabric to play with.


I folded in all the edges just to to the edge of the towel to avoid any raw edged and I iron it flat.  I then folded it again around the towel edges to form a lip around the whole towel to secure it together and pinned it for sewing.


I then took it to my sewing machine with white thread and did a zig zag stitch around the border of the towel.


And taa-daa! I can wipe my sweat in style!

Next I also wanted to make my own sweat bands.  I looked at some tutorials and I was just confused so I did my usual way of doing projects – I winged it.  The ones with fabric seemed more complicated so I did mine with wide ribbon.  I picked out the pattern ribbon I liked best and then also bought  velvet ribbon.  The only one I could find was about 2 inches so I did have to trim it quite a bit.

I measured my head first with the ribbon and subtracted about 3 inches since I did add elastic

Then I measured out the velvet ribbon to be the same size but left it a little bit wider than the ribbon itself

I then folded in the edges of the velvet ribbon to the same width as the pattern ribbon and ironed it flat to avoid raw edges

I pinned it in place and used my sewing machine to get as close to the edge as possible – but I left the edges open


I then slid in a piece of elastic just long enough to be tight on my head but still be comfortable.  I folded the edge to the inside of the headband (velvet side) and sewed the elastic in on both sides.



I did skully and zebra – I LOVE THEM! And I have enough material to make maybe 3 more of each.  So I will get about 8 headbands for the price of 1 brand ‘Sweaty Band’.  I am a crafty chick on a budget!


So those were my cute little fitness crafts this weekend.  I can’t wait for my favorite t-shirts to start getting big on me so I can start turning those into those cute little sleeveless workout shirts you see on pinterest all the time.  But I need to get back to work to make those smaller!

Catch you all later!

Dont forget to add piggytummy on instagram!

Weekly Meal Plan 3/30

This week I took a little bit of a different approach.  I normally make my full meal with multiple components and pack snacks etc.

This would also mean I would have no time for my Sundays for anything fun.  This week I decided to make it a fish and salad week.  I prepped some components of my salads but for the most part I stripped away some of the more timely things for more time to myself.  This was the best plan ever for this weekend because it was the first gorgeous day outside in Chicago this year!  I went for a walk at Busse Woods which I believe is 7.3 miles.  I thought it was 8 but I walked over 8 miles anyway according to fitbit.


My mom was a trooper but she was cursing my name when there was about 4 miles left.  But we finished!

I also had time to craft today so I made some sweaty bands and some workout towels.  But thats for another blog post..Onto the weekly meal plan!


Weekly Meal Plan for 3/30


Still stuck on my oatmeal!  I love it with either Cinnamon, half & half and egg whites or mushrooms, thyme, asiago and egg whites.  It fills me up until my pre-lunch snack which makes me happy.



  • 50/50 Lettuce blend, rare slices of beef, bleu cheese crumbles & dried cherries topped with balsamic dressing
  • 50/50 Lettuce blend, baked salmon, feta cheese, pumpkin seeds topped with yogurt caesar dressing



  • Low Sodium Turkey with alfalfa sprouts, tomato, lettuce on wheat
  • Low Sodium Ham with cheddar, apples, honey mustard on wheat
  • Not So Poor Boy – shrimp, avacado, dill havarti, red onion, garlic aioli on wheat



  • Cedar Plank Salmon with BBQ sauce, rosemary roasted vegetables, sweet potatoes
  • Mahi Mahi with brown rice and vegetables
  • Turkey & Vegetables over brown rice


  • Pistachios
  • Greek Yogurt (dessert flavors – dannon light & fit)
  • Quest Bars – Cinnamon Roll & Banana Nut Muffin
  • Cardio Energy Drink (suggested at GNC ill review it later)
  • Protein Shakes

I feel like I have to explain the shakes.  I have been trying to up my protein and it takes some time to get used to finding all the foods to properly get all your protein.  I got them temporarily until I get my menu figured out to get protein from ‘real’ foods.  So I dont plan on using it as a meal replacement or for very long.

Also since alot of my meals will be prepared on a day to day basis I couldn’t offer too much food porn on this post.  But I did start an Instagram page where I will be posting everything on my blog here today.

So please add me!

Serving Saturday

I got to spend my Saturday morning at one of my favorite charitable organizations – YMEN.


Here is a blub straight from their website to explain what they are all about -

Researchers from Jawanza Kunjufu to Na’im Akbar agree that society must make a greater effort and focus more resources to reach African-American boys ages 10-16. Even with the recent growth and revitalization in North Lawndale community, we face serious challenges in the areas of community safety and academic underachievement, particularly amoung our African-American young men. In the past four years, over 10,000 North Lawndale boys were arrested and placed into the juvenile court system. According to Congressman Danny K. Davis, 70% of all adult men in North Lawndale ages 18-45 are ex-offenders. Homicide is the leading cause of death among African-American men between the ages of 15-24 years old. In Illinois, there are more than 10,000 more African-American males in prison or on parole than are enrolled in college. In North Lawndale, less than 35% of African-American young men graduate from high school, and less than 5% earn a bachelor’s degree. If African-American young men are essential assets of a healthy community, more must be done. Reaching African-American youth is a life or death proposition.

At YMEN, we have been a community leader in providing significant resources and holistic youth programming, including academic support, leadership development activities, community service opporutunites to young men in the North Lawndale community.


Every month where there is a fifth Saturday my church The Chapel – Hinsdale ventures into North Lawndale and prepares a meal for those who are less fortunate.  Last weeks church service was all about using your talents to serve others.  Well my talent is cooking so I am so glad that I get to use it for more than just cooking in my own house or in restaurants.  It’s great to use a talent for something so much greater.  I must give credit where it is deserved though – I didn’t have to plan or prep the menu this week!  An amazing man by the name of Andre who also attends our church and is also an amazing chef prepared the meal today and I got to sit back and assist!


Andre spent all day yesterday cooking up some beautiful beef.  It was DELICIOUS!


I was in charge of mashed potatoes and green beans.  It’s nice to have the simple task sometimes haha


And here is my favorite guy from YMEN – Travion!

He helped me with the green beans and potatoes and is an absolute rock star.  He’s only 13 but assists at YMEN every weekend.  How many people know a 13 year old who wakes up early every Saturday morning and selflessly helps through the afternoon?  Hes the sweetest & smartest kid I know and is a definite YMEN success story.  This kid is going to go far in life.  He just won a scholarship for writing – so watch out for him.  He will be on a best selling book list – I am sure of it!


It was most definitely the busiest weekend we have ever had!  Everyone did an amazing job!  I am so proud of our church and what we have been able to do and so proud of all the little kids and teenagers that came to help and truly enjoyed themselves.


Another successful Saturday at YMEN with The Chapel